Wilfred Rattlestaff

The man, the myth, the legend

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Everyone knows about Wilfred Rattlestaff and his extensive collection of plays from the late 16th and early 17th centuries.  Wait! You don't know about Wilfred Rattlestaff?

Wilfred Rattlestaff was a playwright born in late 16th century England.  He was often overshadowed by the great William Shakespeare, mostly because Shakespeare's house was larger and cast a shadow over Rattlestaff's during the high point of the sun each day, but although history has forgotten the relationship (and property line) these two dramatic masters shared, this site celebrates the fruits of their years of collaboration and mutual respect.

Rattlestaff is often associated with the scientific genius Leo Va Dinci (who you may recognize as both the great-grandson of Leonardo Da Vinci and the father of science fiction for his eccentric ideas and writing). Using visionary ideas taken from Va Dinci and a writing style that has been called by many critics through the centuries as "a crude imitation of bad Shakespeare", Rattlestaff took theatre in a bold new direction. 

The great works of Wilfred Rattlestaff can still be seen today.  From high school theatre programs to the best off-off-off-off-Broadway theaters, Rattlestaff remains the favorite of those that prefer to avoid the comfortable, popular style of Shakespeare.